1 week in Como

A peek into a solo week spent in Como!

I spent 1 week in one of my favorite places by myself. Enjoying the beauty around me, the good food, nerding out, reading, staring, walking and smiling. One week with no expectations, no appointments, no places I had to go. Instead enjoying the luxury of doing what I needed or wanted to do in the moment...


I wasn't planning on making a movie, but it was to beautiful not to share some of this ;)

Nerding our happened at Villa del Balbianello, where Anakin and Padme got married in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones ;)

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Some of the places shown:

Villa del Balbianello: https://fondoambiente.it/luoghi/villa...
Morning macchiato's at Caffè & Caffè di Angela: https://goo.gl/maps/dp5qY4XoPT22p8Wu8
Cocktails and food at Krudo: https://g.page/krudo-deascentis

Music by: bensound - Quincas Moreira - Patrick Patrikios

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